LI Speech Teletherapy

In a time of need, Janine Stiene and her staff, have put the needs of the patients above all else. Please see our reduced rate teletherapy sessions and our Instagram page for family education.

Overview/CORONAVIRUS Exception

In this time of great uncertainty, our first priority is the welfare of our patients and staff. This unprecedented situation has no manual or guidebook; we are all in it together, figuring it out and making decisions on a day to day or hour by hour basis. Our most recent mission is to do what we can to ensure you, or your child, receives the therapy they need and to minimize any regression. In an effort to support our patients we are offering teletherapy. We understand this can also be a difficult time financially, so to do our part we are offering teletherapy service, at this time, at an extremely discounted rate.


1. Therapy sessions will be with a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist
2. Therapy session will be available through Zoom
3. Therapy sessions will be 20 minutes
4. Cost will be $75.00 per session, if not covered under insurance
5. We cannot guarantee a “particular” therapist, but will be one employed by J. Stiene Speech. In the event your regular in office therapist is unavailable, all listed SLPs are licensed and trained to treat all patients with varying needs, regardless of office. Therefore, your therapist selection can be based on your availability.
6. A credit card will be required to begin the process. A minimal charge of $1.00 at random may be applied to validate cc authorization.
7. No out of pocket charges will be collected until September, 2020 / INTEREST FREE
8. When able to return to an office setting, in the event the opportunity to bill the insurance is available, and if authorized, the patient will be notified. Billing of insurance will be at the discretion of the practice.


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